All Kindsa' Piles...

Ever since we started blog cabin construction we seem to be accruing various piles stuff. lol.

We have a very unattractive pile of broken concrete & broken brick from an old wall we tore down:

A beautiful pile of blog cabin field stone that we found while digging the foundation:

Many small piles of tools:

Two GINORMOUS piles of lumber from the DEMOLITION GRRRRR:

A pile of sticks from some tree trimming P likes to do with her trusty bow saw:

A normal pile that every cabin should have..a "wood pile" for camp fires:

A pile that not every blog cabin should have..a pile of gravel left over from mixing the cement for the foundation footings:

And...a small pile of left over cinder block from the foundation: to to overwhelming amount of "piles" we have accrued in our little blog cabin yard, this Saturday will be dedicated to blog cabin clean up! P & I will be borrowing "Our Wayne's" truck ((GRRRRRR)) - purchasing our very first dump sicker & hauling a bunch of this crap to the dump!

It is time to say goodbye to some very large piles!


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